WindFloat (WF1)

Tow-out near Setúbal
Columns prefabricated
Trusses ready for erection
Erection near completion
Client: Principle Power, Inc.

Location: Setúbal, Aguçadoura

Technology: WindFloat WF01 prototype 2MW

Type of Intervention: Erection Management

Timeframe: 2010-2011 

Summary of Work:

      - Project Management
      - Health, Safety and Environmental Management
      - Marking Plan
      - Installation and Commissioning of PLC and DCS

The WindFloat (WF1) Project comprised design, installation, commissioning and testing of a 2MW WindFloat in 42meters water depths with a grid connection at Aguçadoura. The primary objective of the project was to demonstrate and validate the technical and economic feasibility of the WindFloat concept, assess the environmental impacts and create conditions for mass production and commercialisation in Portugal.

KYMANER was invited by EDP Inovação S.A., a major partner of WindPlus – promoter of the Windfloat project – to assist the engineering/supplier partner Principle Power Portugal in project management, during fabrication and erection of the platform at the Lisnave shipyard. The services of KYMANER would extend to Health and Safety management and ancillary technical areas. The collaboration ceased at the tow-out of the platform to its mooring location, after the successful completion of a challenging workplan.