mutriku wave power plant

Turbowave project

Mutriku Wave Power Plant Kymaner
Turbowave MRGV air turbine concept
Turbine test ready locations with safety valves
Wells turbines in operation in MWPP
Client: Ente Vasco de Energia (EVE)

Location: Mutriku Wave Power Plant (MWPP)

Technology: OWC air turbine multi-row guide vanes (MRGV)

Scope of Work: Concept Design Development

Timeframe: 2023-2026 

Summary of Work (Phase I):

      - Concept development of PTO unit
      - Aerodynamic design of turbine
      - Risk Analysis
      - Techno-economic modelling
      - Marketing Plan


The Basque Country Energy Strategy 2030 sets the challenging target of 10 MW of ocean energy. In this context, the Mutriku Wave Power Plant (MWPP) shall remain an active contributor to this target. However, the 16 x 18,5 KW capacity is provided by Wells type air turbines of first generation, that have been exposed to a marine environment with a high degree of humidity and salinity for the last 11 years, limiting their operating life and subjecting them to frequent maintenance interventions.

Ente Vasco de Energia, after an industry survey, concluded that there was sufficient capacity and manifested interest amongst the industry to design more efficient, robust and reliable turbines and launched a Pre-Commercial Procurement for R&D services – the Turbowave Challenge – to promote the development and testing of new solutions. The challenge encompasses the design, development and demonstration of a cost-efficient, reliable and safe two-directional air turbine system for power production at the MWPP.

A self-rectifying axial-flow impulse air turbine with multi-row guide vanes is our proposed solution for the TurboWave Challenge. The geometry of the rotor blades is a modified version of the classical impulse-type steam turbines. Two fixed multi-row guide vane stators are symmetrically arranged on either side of the rotor.

The turbine will be directly connected to a standard electrical generator via a variable frequency drive (VFD). The VFD controls the generator torque at variable speed, following a torque reference.

The turbine will be designed and the electrical generator will be specified from the data representing the optimum “damping” to be provided by the air turbine to the pneumatic chambers of the Mutriku Wave Power Plant (MWPP). The design will withstand the appropriate aerodynamic, mechanical, and electromagnetic loads, and enable efficient, safe and reliable autonomous operation in the significant wave height range between 0.5 and 4m.

Kymaner and IDMEC/IST will combine their experience and use standardization processes to deliver a complete product replicable in the 16 chambers of OWC MWPP and scalable for other projects, ranging from 15 kW to 1 MW.