In 2006, the Portuguese utility supplier EDP launched an international RFT to install in a
wave power plant in the new breakwater on the river Douro mouth. The power plant,
of the Oscillating Water Column (OWC) type, would have a capacity of 1 MW (4×250 kW)
with Wellstype turbines, 1.8m nominal diameter, equipped with two fixed blade
distributors; thrust and counterthrust bearings; instrumented for monitoring condition,
pressure and air flow rate.
The Power takeoff unit (PTO) would be protected by a
butterflytype insulation valve; nominal diameter 1.8 m; hydraulically actuated.

Kymaner, in association with EFACEC S.A., was the successful bidder of the Tender but
the Portuguese Government decided to cancel the construction of the power plant, due
to the risk of generated noise disturbance to the nearby residential area.