Pico general view PTO

Pico Wave Power Plant

Pico wave power plant kymaner
Wave power plant general view
Wells turbine 400kW
Pico relief kymaner
Relief valve
Client: Wave Energy Center

Location: Pico Island, Azores, Portugal

Technology: OWC - Wells turbine

Scope of Work: Rehabilitation/Maintenance 

Timeframe: 2008-2010 

Summary of Work:

      - Inspection and Diagnosis of Equipment
      - PTO Repair and Refurbishment
      - Implementation of Maintenance Plan

The plant consists of a hollow reinforced concrete structure – pneumatic chamber – above the water free surface, that communicates with the sea and the incident waves through a submerged opening in its front wall; and with the atmosphere via a reinforced fiberglass duct. The duct is where the Power take-off unit (PTO) resides, consisting of a 400 kW Wells air turbine coupled with a generator. The PWPP was erected in 1999 as a European pilot project. In 2007, the ownership of the plant was transferred to the Wave Energy Centre (WavEC), that has been responsible for its operation ever since.

Kymaner was invited in 2007 to set a programme of intervention for a major refurbishment of the mechanical components, that had been damaged by successive sea storms. The intervention included the replacement of the turbine stator, the installation of a relief sliding valve and a major renovation of the PTO. A Maintenance Plan was also implemented.