Cores OWC OEbuoy


3D model impulse MGV turbine
Cores OEbuoy OWC
OEbuoy OWC Wave Energy Converter
Kymaner Turbine rotor and MGV stator
Impulse turbine rotor and MGV actuators
Client: CORES FP7 Project

Location: Galway Bay, Ireland

Technology: Impulse Turbine

Scope of Work: EPC

Timeframe: 2008-2011 

Summary of Work:

      - Detail Design
      - Fabrication and Assembly
      - Installation
      - Commissioning and Tests

The concept of the CORES (Components for Ocean Renewable Energy Systems) project was to focus on the Oscillating Water Column type devices as the primary power convertor, as these have been shown to function with consistent reliability, amongst Wave Energy Converters. It was decided to use the OE Buoy quarter scale hull, as the test platform at the Galway Bay Test site, that had previously demonstrated survival capability in extreme environmental conditions.

Kymaner was the supplier of the 15kW scale-model PTO, designed and tested by the Technical University of Lisbon (IST) in the aerodynamics laboratory; set for the ¼ scale OE Buoy wave energy converter. The project would prove to be a success, after enduring 2064 hours in the water during testing; accumulating 816 hours of data collected; and the PTO performing better than anticipated.