Bombora turbine kymaner


BOMBORA mWave™ (image courtesy Bombora wave power)
Power Takeoff Unit
Kymaner Bombora turbine
Dry test turbine Kymaner
Client: Bombora Wave Power

Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales

Technology: 1,5 MW air turbine

Scope of Work: EPC

Timeframe: 2019-2020 

Summary of Work:

      - Design for Fabrication and Assembly
      - Risk Assessment and Management
      - Model Testing (IST)
      - Loads and Performance Analysis (IST)
      - Procurement, Build and Test
      - Delivery and Commissioning

The BOMBORA mWave™ energy converter features a series of air-inflated rubber membrane covered concave cells, mounted onto a structure below the ocean’s surface, creating an air-filled volume. As waves pass overhead, air is pushed out of each cell through a series of valves into a one-way air-duct. The cells are refilled once the wave has passed. In 2018, BOMBORA launched an international RFT for the supply of a 1,5 MW turbine – the largest to date in wave energy conversion – and the PTO ducting and supporting structure, for deployment and testing nearshore at Pembrokeshire.

KYMANER were awarded the contract and, in a partnership with IST (who aerodynamically designed the turbine and the PTO ducting and defined the control strategy) detail designed, tested and manufactured the turbine; and designed and supplied the PTO supporting structure and ducting. BOMBORA is currently developing the InSPIRE™ project – Integrated mWave and Wind Floating Platform – and has appointed Kymaner as the designated supplier of the new PTO with 2MW rated power.