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who we are

"Wave Energy - making it happen" is the guiding principle of KYMANER, an SME founded in 2005, specialised in delivering air turbine solutions for wave energy, providing global engineering, design and turnkey project delivery services.

The strength of KYMANER relies upon more than 300 years of accumulated experience of its founding partners and collaborators, in domains such as the Oscillating Water Column (OWC) and Hydropower, gathered on the largest installations of this kind, developed by Portuguese engineering in the world. 

KYMANER have laid the foundation for a successful vision by relying on four key pillars: consolidate strategically chosen partnerships, aiming for the complementarity required to deliver solutions of excellence; offer flexible solutions, ranging from micro turbines to 2MW Power Take-Off units for offshore Wave Energy Converters; capitalize on the wave energy emerging market with a keen sense of opportunity; and address internationalisation with a focus in Europe.

Our Team

Meet our Staff

Luis Trigo Kymaner

Luís Trigo, Eng, MBA

Managing Director

José Varandas Kymaner

José Varandas, Eng, PMP

Executive Director

Vakis Kokorelis

Vakis Kokorelis, Eng

Business Development Director

Luís Gato, Eng, PhD


António Falcão, Eng, PhD


António Sarmento, Eng, PhD


Mission and values
To create innovative equipment to harvest wave energy and contribute to a sustainable life on Earth, while exceeding client’s expectations.


Encouraging and fostering a culture of innovative thinking, pushing boundaries and creating unique and impactful solutions.


Emphasizing teamwork and the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.


Ensuring all our products meet the highest standards of excellence and the needs and expectations of clients.


Prioritizing environmentally responsible design solutions that promote a healthy and sustainable future.

what we have done

Company Milestones



of KYMANER in a virtuous association between industry engineers and academy experts


build and test offshore in Ireland, of a new air turbine concept for wave energy conversion – CORES FP7


of two wave energy patents from IST for a novel bi-radial turbine and an OWC wave energy converter


onshore and offshore, in the Basque Country, of the novel bi-radial turbine – OPERA H2020

1,5 MW

air turbine supply is awarded to KYMANER, in an international RFT, for offshore testing in Wales – BOMBORA mWave™


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Head Office

Estr Paco Lumiar, Campus Lumiar Edf D 1026, 1649-038 Lisboa, PT
+351 919 700 346